Strengths for All is a Swiss based social enterprise. We work globally.

Every day we live our mission to connect all, who want, to their Strengths and inner balance.


We coach Strengths, provide Strengths Based Development, train, mentor and supervize, facilitate Strengths workshops and speak about Strengths

We help all, who join us on the Strengths journey, reconnect with their unique gifts.

Our Programs

Are you seeking to build a high performing team, to manage change or disruption, to prevent burnouts and reduce stress, to unleash your potential to advance career, or to make a real difference through what you do? Do you want to build successful partnerships or find out what makes you, your team, your partnership, family or children unique?

Our programs will set you up to do what you do best every day. This brings great benefits to you and to all around you.

Build Strengths

  • Organizations & Teams

    What is the unique strengths of our team or organizations? What does set us aside?
    Why shall we maximize the Strengths of all in our teams?

  • Leaders & Enterpreneurs

    Why and how should we become the most influential leader in the life of people who follow us?
    Why are our own Strengths the most valuable resource to use to set us and all around us for success?
    What talents are behind our power to create and build?
    What are the needs of our followers and how can we meet them while being true to ourselves?

  • Individuals

    What is our unique talents combination?
    What is our unique potential?
    What is the best career, role for us to maximize our potential?

Find Balance

When we find our balance we restore health, reconnect our inner wisdom with our skills, knowledge and experience and bring the best of us to our day to day activities.

  • Find Work/Life Balance

    To find balance between your work and your life outside of your work, we help you learn how to relax and reconnect to your inner balance. You will know what you need to do. We also help you discover your unique talents to perform. You will know how to do what you need to do successfully.

  • Prevent burn-outs

    Our program is unique. It connects the proven power of strengths based development with highly effective techniques to relax and manage stress.

  • Find answers to your questions

    What ever your question, we help you find the answers.

Who are we?

Strengths for All is a social enterprise created in 2016 by Marie Pavelka, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Strengths Mentor, Supervisor, Facilitator and International Speaker. Marie spent many years assessing and developing talents. She worked with large multinational corporations, small start-ups as well as privately owned businesses.


We help everyone who wants to understand what their inner yearning means …

We show the way to those who want to find the way to their true potential.



We partner with our clients to build trust in their own Strengths, to have compassion for all talents, to become Leaders they are meant to be.


We love Strengths of all .

In our unique way we connect the power of strategic thinking and leadership presence. We create the bridges between the Strengths Based Development, the power of Hypnosis and the Art of Authenticity.

We believe in the power of giving and sharing. We partner with large multinational companies, with entrepreneurs to set their start-ups for success, with families and local communities and with all individuals who are ready to discover their unique talents to reconnect to their true potential.

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Where can we meet?

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