When you discover
your unique talents,
when you learn
how to say what you want to say,
when you reconnect
to your inner wisdom,

you become confident and in flow with your true potential.


Strengths for All is
a Swiss based social enterprise.

We work globally. Our services combine
the power of strengths-based development,
transformative art,
statement analysis
and therapeutic hypnosis .


We coach, train, facilitate and help people reconnect to their strengths. We enable people to heal, to restore their balance, to find a way forward from any crossroad.

We support individuals, groups, teams and entire organizations.

Private Coaching

  • Individual coaching

    Do you know what your unique talents are, how they work and how they make you who you are? Do you know what your yearnings mean? Can you do what you do best every day? If you cannot answer yes to all three questions, it is time to contact marie@strengthsforall.com.

  • Coaching in groups or pairs

    This coaching is unique. If you learn best with the support of equally motivated people, this coaching is for you.
    If you want to build your strengths together with people you care about; your spouses, siblings, parent, dear friend; this coaching is for you. To learn more contact marie@strengthsforall.com

  • Intensive retreats

    This intensive getaway gives you space and support you need to invest in you. Over one or two days you discover your talents and learn how they work. You understand what your gifts are. You learn how to create an opportunity for you to maximize your potential. Deep relaxation, tranquility, fresh air and healthy food directly from organic garden make this retreat truly holistic. To learn more contact marie@strengthsforall.com

Coaching in Organizations

  • Strong Enterprise

    Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs know their talents for creating, building and running their organizations. They take new opportunities and turn them into success. To discover your talents for building and creating and learn how to transform new opportunities into success contact marie@strengthsforall.com.

  • Strong Leaders

    The most effective leaders focus on their strengths. How well do leaders in your organization know theirs? To help your leaders discover their strengths to lead effectively every day, contact marie@strengthsforall.com.

  • Strong Teams

    Strong teams are magnets for talents. When teams discover their unique strengths’ DNA, they report higher engagement, productivity and profitability. To find out more contact marie@strengthsforall.com.

  • Strong Coach & Facilitator

    Effective coaching and facilitating requires skills and knowledge. To get trained how to lead strengths conversations, facilitate strengths sessions and use strengths development methods and tools, contact marie@strengthsforall.com.

pavelka I am passionate about strengths and talents. I believe that knowing our unique gifts can turn our dreams into reality.

In 2016 I had a dream called Strengths for All.

In this dream people were successful, happy and humble, because they knew their strengths.

I put my strengths in action and since then I live my dream every day. I coach, train, facilitate and speak about talents and strengths. I guide people on their journey to discover their power and transform their lives from wish to truth. I create art and a space where art helps people answer their questions.


I partner with Ladislav, my husband, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Statement Analyst and innovative thinker. Together we create our unique services. We offer to our clients the best of us. We also bring in strategic partners who complement our strengths, when our clients can benefit from it.


Why do we do what we do?

We love to help our clients build more confidence in themselves. It gives us enormous pleasure to see our clients achieving their goals, strengthening their relationships, trusting their decisions and finding their balance.


We believe in the power of giving and sharing.

We love to share our knowledge with our clients, so they can coach and facilitate strengths themselves or they know how to analyze statements of others.

We regularly give back part of our profit to support pro-bono those who need us and momentarily cannot afford our services.

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Where can we meet?

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