Strengths for All

Everyone is talented. That means you too.
Only 1 in 33 million has your talents.
You are unique.


It does not matter

if you are seeking to build high performing teams, advance your career, make a real difference, or raise a family and build successful partnership. Every time you can do what you do best you succeed.


How well do you know what gifts you were given?

As a coach I help you discover all your talents, how they work, what to do with them to maximize your full potential and how to embed and sustain them so they become lasting strengths for the rest of your life.

I help you reconnect with who you really are.

Strengths Development Programs

Are you seeking to build high performing teams, manage change or disruption, unleash your potential to advance your career, or make a real difference through what you do? Do you want to build successful partnerships or find out what makes you, your team, partners, family or children unique?

My strengths programs will set you up to do what you do best every day. This brings great benefits to you and to all around you.

Strengths programs
for organizations, teams, families, couples

  • Organizations & teams

    Programs how to increase engagement, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction with long lasting impact.  Ideal for those facing challenges, changes or disruptions.

  • Families

    Program to discover and appreciate talents of each family member, including children. What is your unique family strengths combination?

  • Couples

    Ideal for couples who want to discover and appreciate their strengths to achieve something together. This program significantly improves partnership and collaboration.

Strengths programs for individuals, entrepreneurs, children 

  • Individual strengths programs

    Individual bespoke program to discover all your talents and how to use them to reach your objectives, personal and professional. Each program is tailored to your specific needs and current situation.

  • Strengths program for entrepreneurs

    Because success starts with talent, this special program helps entrepreneurs discover their entrepreneurial talents and learn how to use them to create prosperity.

  • Strengths program for children age 10-14

    Natural talents discovery program for children age 10-14. It includes manuals for parents how to set their children for success.

  • Strong partnerships

    Discover your talents and how to use them to build strong partnerships and leverage unique talents of those around you.

Who am I?


I am a Gallup certified strengths coach, international speaker, facilitator and talent development leader.

I was born and grew up in Czechoslovakia. I lived in France and England. I am currently based in Switzerland.


I spent many years assessing and developing talents. I work with large multinational corporations, small start-ups as well as privately owned businesses.

I help everyone who wants to understand what their inner yearning means …

I show the way to those who want to find their right career. I support couples to build long lasting partnerships based on mutual understanding and appreciation of their talents.



Using my unique strengths combination of Connectedness, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility, Ideation, Maximizer, Self-Assurance, Command, Strategic, Relator, Belief and Activator,

I learnt that I can build high performing teams and help others do the same. I am very happy to see that my strengths development programs help all who take part in them – both in their professional and personal life.


I believe that strengths development should be available to all.

I work with people from all cultures, countries and backgrounds wherever they need my support. I coach in English, French, Slovak and Czech languages.

I hold an MBA degree with specialization in Business Strategy, Strategic HR Management and Creative Problem Solving from the UK and a Master’s degree in Theory of Education from the Czech Republic. Since 2009 I have been regularly invited to share my knowledge and experience at international conferences, forums and summits.

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Marie Pavelka
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach,
Facilitator, International Speaker
+41 79 555 09 62

Chemin des Biches 5
1407 Donneloye

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